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Denver’s Good Neighbor Summit is the first event of its kind: an opportunity to shorten the distance between Denver hosts, neighborhood voices, and local businesses, to foster fluid rapport and deep engagement, and to support our shared ecosystem. An open discourse with neighborhood representatives, local business owners, and industry leaders, the Good Neighbor Summit offers a space to unify hosts, talk about responsible hosting, and gain a foundational understanding of Denver’s short term rental economy. 


All three sessions—Being A Good Neighbor, The Art of Hospitality, and The Future of Short Term Rentals—are possibilities for both listening and conversation around building greater community and understanding our role in rapidly shifting and multi-perspective city policy. 


Knowledge is power: Denver attracted more than 31 million visitors in 2018, and short term rentals continue to bolster local tourism, increased tax revenue, and new jobs. They’ve brought expansion to a city of pioneering entrepreneurs, supporting another wave of its entrepreneurial spirit in real estate and the sharing economy. Our goal is to change the conversation around the negative impacts of short term rentals, and instead, focus on the myriad positive impacts that are founded on studies, data, and community insights. 

We believe that by remaining in conversation and working together, we can pass along the histories, traditions, and sense of place of the neighborhoods we host in. We can be thoughtful, engaged neighbors, and as hosts, we can provide authentic, individualized experiences to a burgeoning set of travelers who are seeking more authentic exposure while investing in the places they stay and explore. 


Our hope is that you’ll walk away inspired and empowered—with renewed comprehension of Denver’s short term rental policy, neighborhood communication new host relationships—even design ideas. 


We look forward to hosting you.

Session 1

Being a Good Neighbor
Listening & coexisting with your neighbors

In our first session, we’ll be in conversation with a panel of seasoned hosts and a neighborhood representative.


Building and maintaining relationships—and fostering strong systems of communication—is essential to how we respect the communities we host in.


How can we be good listeners to our neighbors and their needs—and how can we set the same precedent for our guests? How can we get involved with efforts that support our neighborhoods, and approach dialogue and questions about our rentals? In other words—how can we harmoniously coexist?

We'll learn the 3 step:

"The Good Neighbor EAR Agreement" to good relations with your neighbors:

1) Engage 2) Address 3) Resolve.

We’ll gain insight from real, situational insight and experience and learn how we might approach conflict resolution from and neighborhood outreach.

You'll walk away from this session with a simple yet important tool kit that every host in Denver can use to help make their neighbors happy.

(*At the conclusion there will be a 15min small group session break out for hosts to collaborate. This feedback will be submitted to the City officials.)

Session 2

The Art of Hospitality
Creating space & inviting curiosity 

Session two explores the ways in which we fine-tune the details and guide our guests to enjoying the city and neighborhood in the same reverence as it's citizens.  


First we'll look at who is the new generation of tourist coming to Denver? How can we best prepare them for their visit to our neighborhoods? How does the way we design a space make the difference in how our guests experience a city for the first time? What small steps can we take to encourage supporting local businesses and offer context on neighborhood history?


From learning about the best local experiences that your guests will love to a longtime interior designer who understands how to "Wow" your guets, we’ll deep dive into refining “surprise and delight” hospitality in our spaces.

You'll walk away from this session with a better understanding of who's coming to Denver along with new ideas on how to up your hosting skills. It will inspire many new ideas and possibilities to come.

(*At the conclusion there will be a 15min small group session break out for hosts to collaborate. This feedback will be submitted to the City officials.)

Session 3

The Future of
Short Term Rentals
Visioning, innovation and narrative

In session three, we’ll listen to thought leaders talk about the future of short term rental industry as it grows and becomes even more of a part of the future of travel what are things we need to be aware of today to have a blossoming tomorrow.


This conversation will offer deep insight into our host narrative, in our present and future.


In the Q & A, industry panelists like TK and TK will be available to speak to all of your questions, from legal concerns to implementing new technology and the standing of local government.

This session will be the conversation that should be happening across every ​progressive city that is searching for solutions on how to adjust to the future of tourism. Denver is a city of firsts and this panel further adds to our reputation. 

Speakers / Presenters

Council Member 

Mary Beth Susman

Council Member  
District 5

Marybeth served as the President of Denver's City Council while serving her 2 terms. Marybeth worked tirelessly on the regulations here in Denver. She played a critical role in helping all parties educate and understand the issues surrounding the short term rental economy. 

Brooke Havice

Find Solutions

Find Solutions have worked on resolving issues between neighbors and hosts since the inception of the ordinance. 

Their service is offered free of charge.

They take the role of a balanced listener to help find win/win solutions. 

Kimberly Lorenzen

Kimberly Lorenzen

Kim is a designer who specializes in design for the hospitality industry. She has worked with local Denver hosts and large hospitality firms dialing in the details. She has a extensive and deep understanding of the guest experience.


Scott is the CEO and Founder of AirDNA, the world's #1 premier resource for data on Short Term Rentals around the globe. There's no greater resource for comprehensive insights that touch every corner of the world - including cities just like Denver. Scott calls Denver home.

David Krauss

Rent Responsibly 

Dave is the Founder of Rent Responsibly. The Rent Responsibly mission is to advocate for responsible, neighborly short-term rental practices and advocate, educate, and celebrate the short-term rental industry. 

Nick Massey 

Proper Insurance
National Sales Manager

Nick is the National Sales Manager of Proper Insurance, who are exclusively focused on the short term rental industry across the country. His wide breath of understanding the issues communities are facing adopting to the new sharing economy will be a great asset to the Summit.

More speakers to be announced.

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